Welcome to EO Data Gateway

The "EO Data Gateway" service provides, to registered ESA EO-SSO users, a system for download of ESA RSS and G-POD data (mainly ASAR data).

To login into the service, you need just an EO-SSO user account. If you do not have it already, you can create one from the Register link provided in the left bar.

The products are organised per dataset and day of the year. You can browse the downloadable datasets pressing the Browse button on the left bar. You can download the data by simply clicking on the orbit.

We hope you will enjoy using this service. For any clarification or request, please send an email to eo-gpod@esa.int or press the Contact Us button on the left bar.

Note: all ASAR products in the period from h.08:00:40 on 14/09/2005 to h.19:57:33 on 16/09/2005 have been removed from the EO Data Gateway due to degraded quality. For more information check the official data disclaimer .

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